Keloids and Scars

Keloids & Hypertropic Scars

Keloids : Picture of right arm showing Hypertrophic Scar Tissue

Introduction to Keloids

Keloids are an abnormal growth of scar tissue, as on the site of a surgical incision or an injury. It may have symptoms like irritation, pain, burning, itching etc. It may also be asymptomatic. It is benign and does not harm the person. But it looks ugly. So Keloids have got importance from cosmetic point of view.

Causes of Keloids

Keloids are caused due to skin injuries like surgical incisions, traumatic wounds, vaccination sites, burns, eruptions of acne, chickenpox etc. Some people are having tendency to form keloids every time they are injured.

Treatment of Keloids

Conventional line of treatment consists of surgical removal of the keloid. It is not unusual for Keloids to reappear after they have been removed surgically and sometimes this Keloid is larger than previous one. Local injections of corticosteroids is also employed in the treatment of Keloids. But this also rarely help the patient. Size of the Keloids may be reduced by freezing (Cryotherapy), external pressure, laser treatments, radiation etc. with some success rate.

Keloids are very well treated with homeopathy. No surgical procedure is required. No injections are given. No creams or lotions are applied. Only oral medications are given without any diet restrictions. After starting the treatment, the Keloids starts to shrink slowly. One more advantage of homeopathic treatment is that it removes the tendency of having recurrent Keloids. Moreover all homeopathic medicines are safe, natural, easy to administer and without any adverse effects. If you have any specific question about your condition, please click here to ask.