Is Herpes Simplex Really Incurable?

Herpes Simplex is curable with Homeopathy!

Everybody with HSV 1 or HSV 2 has this question on his mind. You might have done a lot of research on internet, visited many doctors for years, only to hear that HSV is incurable. Is Herpes Simplex really incurable? Homeopathy's answer to this question is NO! With your PERSONALISED homeopathy treatment Herpes Simplex is not incurable. It may not cure Herpes Simplex in each and every case, however, if this treatment is followed diligently for a period of two years, if instructions are followed properly, chances of success increase manyfold. Duration of treatment may vary (more than two years) in certain cases, but homeopathy has definite role in this viral pathology. So should be given a try before losing all hopes and accepting yourself as incurable forever. Know more about Herpes Simplex.

How come homeopathy has solution for HSV when other systems of medicine has no solution? The answer lies in homeopathy's philosophy regarding diseases and their treatments which differ from conventional medicine a lot. Conventional medicine attempts to kill the virus with antivirals (like Acyclovir, Valacyclovir etc.) but the problem is that an effective antiviral which will kill HSV permanently has not been developed yet. Here homeopathy comes to help. Homeopathy never attempts to kill the virus itself. Instead it strengthens body's defence mechanism in such a way that the immune system kills the virus in a very natural way, just like it cures any other infection in the body. Irrespective of whether it is virus or bacteria, homeopathy handles it through body's own defences which nature has given to every living entity in the world. So this treatment is not like killing the virus artificially by administering antiviral drugs (and weakening the body's defences further) but strengthening the body's defences and forcing it to kill the virus itself.

This treatment course is personalised for every case individually. All required details are collected in a Questionnaire online. Every case is analysed from homeopathic perspective by none other than Dr. Nitin Dhole. This is an interactive treatment program. You need to give feedback periodically and next courses are shipped to you accordingly. This treatment can be taken by anybody from any country having Herpes Simplex. No need to visit our clinic personally, treatments are delivered to your address periodically.

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