Herpes Zoster

Known as shingles, this is a disease caused by a virus that attacks a sensory nerve. The skin over the nerve generally breaks out in blisters a few days after the onset of the disorder, along with pain and numbness or hypersensitivity along the course of the nerve, usually on the trunk. The blisters are at first clear, but become cloudy within a few days and form crusts that dry up after five or ten days.

The agent that causes the disease is the virus that causes chicken pox in children. The skin manifestation of herpes zoster is not serious, but the pain caused by the inflammation of the underlying nerve can be severe, lasting for weeks; recovery may be followed by persistence of neuralgia in the area of the involved nerve.

In the conventional medicine, no satisfactory treatment is available except for lotions to relieve pain, itching, or inflammation.

Homeopathy has encouraging treatment for this problem. It not only relieves the complaints of the patient but also prevents recurrence. It can even treat post-herpetic neuralgia satisfactorily which does not yield to conventional line of treatment.