Frequently asked questions

Q: Can a patient be treated with Homeopathy through internet without seeing the doctor physically?

A: Yes! In chronic cases, homeopathic prescriptions are based on totality of symptoms. Hence once proper case history is received, patient can be treated in this way. Fortunately internet has made the communication very fast and easy. Hence homeopathy doctors can treat such cases successfully from a long distance after receiving required information from the patient. So in this era of e-revolution, if somebody is not finding an effective solution for his health complaints, it is highly recommended to try this way.

Q: How can I receive online treatment for my ailments from this clinic?

A: (1) Register yourself for Online Homeopathic Treatment by selecting the treatment plan by visiting and making appropriate payment either by credit card safely & securely or by sending Demand draft, cheque or money order. Before registering for the treatment if you have any question, you can ask us by sending a mail to or submitting  Query form.

(2) After payment, you will be able to download a questionnaire. Just reply questions in this questionnaire & send it back to us.

(3) Your case will be analyzed by experts at our clinic and a treatment strategy will be designed for your personal case.

(4) Within next two days, treatment will be couriered to the address given by you or prescription will be sent by e-mail depending on the treatment plan you select. Online support will be given during the period of treatment.

Q: Is Homeopathy slow-acting?

A: No, in acute cases when the disease is recent, homeopathy can give you instant relief. However when you have been suffering from a chronic disease for years, it is natural that homeopathy will take a little longer. It doesn't mean that homeopathy is slow acting.

Q: Can we take homeopathic and other medicines together?

A: Yes. Homeopathic medicines can be taken with other medications without any problem.

Q: Does homeopathic treatment entail strict dietary restrictions?

A: There are no strict dietary restrictions to take homeopathic treatment.

Q: Do homeopaths use steroids?

A: Homeopathy does not use steroids. However, due to a general perception that homeopathy is slow-acting, when rapid results are obtained, it creates a doubt that steroids might have been used. Still, if you ever have a suspicion, you may use the services of any reputed laboratory to clear your doubts.

Q: How come all homeopathic medicines look similar?

A: The method of preparation of homeopathic medicines is very peculiar. Tinctures are prepared from various substances and are combined with pellets. After preparation, all pellets look same even if the medicine is different

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