Homeopathy treatment to cure Chikungunya

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We at Sushanti Homeopathy Clinic are highly experienced in treating Chikungunya cases with homeopathy. We have successfully treated a lot of Chikungunya cases in 2006 epidemic of India. We have also cured a lot of Chikungunya joint pain cases in recent epidemic in Philippines, Jamaica and United States. Below is the short description of our treatment. If you have any more questions, please contact us.

Our treatment of Chikungunya is a personalised homeopathy treatment that is customised according to your health details. To start the treatment, you need to give details about your sufferings in our Questionnaire (Questionnaire is available to download on payment receipt page, immediately after ordering the treatment). Case details submitted by you are studied by Dr Nitin Dhole himself, treatment is prepared for your case and shipped to your address with due instructions. Shipping is free and you will receive the shipment within 6 to 14 days depending on country of destination. Support by email is given during the period of treatment.

This treatment consists of pure homeopathy medicines which are in the form of pills. Doses are twice daily in most of the cases and easy to administer. Pills are sweet in taste and are to be dissolved on tongue as per the enclosed instructions. This treatment aims at the cure of joint pains, joint stiffness, joint swelling of Chikungunya which lasts for many months after Chikungunya infection making patient's daily life difficult. This treatment doesn't contain pain killers as its approach is not to give temporary relief only in symptoms of Chikungunya, but to cure the disease completely in a natural way.

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