Chronic Bronchitis

Bronchitis is acute or chronic inflammation of any part of the bronchi and bronchial tubes. The bronchi are large delicate tubes in the lungs that are attached to the trachea and carry air to smaller tubes in the lungs. Acute bronchitis is characterized by fever, chest pain, severe coughing, and often the secretion of sputum. The disease may be caused by the inhalation of irritant vapors or dust or develop from an upper respiratory infection. Acute bronchitis affects the branches of the bronchi and may develop into bronchial or lobular pneumonia. Chronic bronchitis, a serious disorder, may result from repeated attacks of acute bronchitis.

Chronic bronchitis is difficult to treat with conventional medicines. It often fail to give the patient long term relief from the complaints.

But this disease is very easy to treat with homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy treats it from root and not only lessens the intensity of the episodes but also prevents recurrence.