Herpes Simplex: How to increase the chances of cure with homeopathy

Herpes Simplex: Homeopathy is a big chance of permanent cure

Herpes Simplex: Cure Permanently with Homeopathy

Homeopathy has a great potential to cure Herpes Simplex completely and permanently. However Herpes Simplex homeopathy treatment works its best only when it is PERSONALIZED for the infected person. Below is the short explanation what exactly it means.

Homeopathy is a therapeutic science which believes in individualization, unlike other therapeutic sciences. No two persons in the world are alike – not even twins. Their fingerprints are different, their liking for food and tastes are different, there hobbies are different. They may be poles apart as regards their nature. Everybody’s genetic make up is different. So their treatments for a chronic disease like Herpes Simplex are also different. Every person does not respond to every remedy, he responds to only specific remedies that match to his genetic personality. Prescribing same remedy to all patients does not cure Herpes. One-size-fits-all approach is not of any use here. Correct remedy for a person that will work for him has to be skilfully explored by experienced homeopathy doctor by getting inputs by patient and working up on it to design tailor-made treatment for every patient individually.

This is an interactive treatment and the process involves following steps:

1. Input of required information by patient in a questionnaire:

This treatment being personalized, certain details are required for the purpose of individualization. Homeopathy takes into account certain characteristics for remedy diagnosis.  Few of them are thermal reactions and perspiration (reaction of a person to heat and cold); thirst and cravings and aversions of tastes and food items; sleep and patterns of dreams; in females – characteristics of menstrual pattern etc. Not only physical aspects but mind aspects are also highly regarded for remedy diagnosis in homeopathy. So the questionnaire will contain questions regarding your mind like about your anger etc. Happy or sad events in life do have impact on disease and its cure. Homeopathy considers this for permanent cure of Herpes Simplex and other chronic ailments. Vivid explanation of all these things by patient increases chances of early and permanent cure of Herpes Simplex. Patient may misunderstand these details as unrelated; however they are very important for a homeopathy doctor for personalization of a remedy for the cure.

2. Analysis of this information by expert homeopathy doctor and designing a treatment strategy for the patient:

Homeopathy doctor then works up on the inputs given by the patient to arrive at a treatment strategy for best possible output. He may contact you if he requires any more information regarding your symptoms or your life.

3. Pursuing the treatment by patient and giving feedback about health status periodically to the doctor:

Patient pursues the treatment suggested / shipped for his case as per the instructions. Regularity and punctuality in the treatment is the key to success. He gives feedback regarding his health periodically, usually every month initially and every three months later. Feedback is given in the format given by the doctor. Doctor prepares feedback format for every patient individually based on symptoms, sufferings and other health issues. Timely feedback and regularity and punctuality in the treatment increases the chances of cure of Herpes Simplex.

4. Fine tuning the subsequent treatment courses by doctor according to patient’s feedback regarding health:

This treatment is not a one-size-fits-all, so need to be tuned every now & then according to patient’s periodical health status. Patient’s feedback (good or may be not good) is important for further changes in the treatment. Patient’s correct and timely feedback contributes to 50% (if not more) to the success of the treatment.

5. Periodical monitoring of Herpes Simplex Virus Antibodies with blood test at any reputed laboratory by patient and sending the reports to doctor:

As and when suggested patient need to do blood tests to monitor Herpes Simplex Virus Antibodies. He can do the blood tests with any reputed laboratory in his town. Reports are sent to doctor for further advice / action by email.

6. Fine tuning the subsequent treatment courses by doctor according to blood test reports:

Doctor suggests any changes (if required) and further action after studying the reports.

Sticking up with the treatment for two years or more is beneficial. As experienced at our clinic, the treatment process takes two years in most of the cases however certain cases may require more than two years. Outcomes of homeopathy treatments are measured by long term curative effects and the complete eradication of the disease state. It may seem unrewarding in short term initially. Understanding the difference between conventional medicine and homeopathy is necessary. After successful treatment, not only Herpes outbreaks stop but also antibodies disappear from the blood which happens only after eradication of virus from the body.

Theoretically speaking there should be no case of Herpes Simplex which can’t be cured with homeopathy if the treatment process goes perfectly through all above steps.

If you have any questions regarding cure of Herpes Simplex with homeopathy, you can ask it in the comments below.

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  2. i tried this dr nitin dhole’s protocol for 3 years (which I highly recommend) and achieved not only relief from symptoms but also pathology reports normal now. the key thing in this treatment is to update your health condition every three months so that the next treatment courses are fine tuned accordingly to suit your particular case. this treatment is completely personalised for each case individually. if this method works for hsv, it should work for hiv also.

    • Hi Sam, this Dr Dholes protocol, where is this available? I have herpes simplex 2 and would love some more information of what has worked for you or for those that you know.

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