Lifestyle Suggestions to Avoid Piles (Hemorrhoids) and Surgery

7 Lifestyle Suggestions to Avoid Piles (Hemorrhoids) and Surgery

In the condition of hemorrhoids or piles veins present in rectum or anus swell, thus creating painful situation. Major symptom of this disease is bleeding while passing bowel and itching. There are certain lifestyle changes and few home remedies for hemorrhoids which can give substantial relief and can help to avoid piles and piles surgery.

1. Stay Hydrated

Although most of us know that drinking water is vital for health, but how many of us follow it rigorously? Intakes of water prevent hemorrhoids and it is as crucial as eating healthy diet. It reduces constipation, and causes smooth movement of bowels. Thus, it is recommended to take six to eight glass of water in a day for keeping digestive system up and running.

2. Don’t Make Your Bathroom A Library

If you are in a habit of spending unnecessary time in bathroom, avoid it. Remove magazines or newspapers from your water tank as your bathroom is not a reading room. Why? Sitting for more time on toilet seat puts pressure on the bowl movement, and also gives more stress to the blood vessels of anal. Both the situations may lead to hemorrhoids.

3. Go When It Is Needed

It sounds quite obvious, but most of us ignore it. Delay in passing stool makes it hard and dry and extra pressure is needed to pass it thereby increases the risk of piles. Straining puts pressure on venous cushions and can turn your internal piles into external one. Tendency of constipation increases chances of developing Piles many fold.

4. Avoid Dry Tissues

Dryness will lead to bleeding hemorrhoids; hence avoid usage of dry tissues as it may cause scratches and can worsen the situation. Use wet tissues which are non-medicated and non-perfumed for cleaning the area.

5. Include Fiber In Diet

Piles are more common in people who get irregular movement of bowls. And adding fibers in your diet is one more solution to improve the situation.

  • Eat legumes like split peas, baked beans and black beans.
  • Grains like barleys, brown rice, oatmeal etc.
  • Vegetables like broccoli, green peas, sprouts etc.

6. Get Moving

Regular exercise helps in keeping proper movement of bowl thus avoiding piles. Today’s sedentary lifestyle slows down the body including bowels. Exercise pushes waste of body towards intestinal area. It improves digestion system, cures constipation and avoids hard stool. Walk, run or do yoga-it’s your choice, but follow an active lifestyle.

7. Sitz

Give warm water bath to your buttocks and hips for getting relief from irritation and itching. You can buy a small tub which can fit on your toilet seat or take bath in a normal bathing tub with low level of water. Take sitz bath for 20 minutes after bowl movement and also twice or thrice in a day for extra care. Clean the anal area gently, you can use hair dryer for drying the area.

Avoid Piles During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman is more prone to piles as enhanced blood flow in pelvic area compels veins of rectal wall to swell. One more reason to get hemorrhoids during pregnancy is constipation. In case of hard stool, a person applies extra force for elimination of bowl, thus putting pressure on veins and causing them to swell. So, what you need to do for avoiding such scenarios, let’s take a look.

  1. Be regular: As discussed earlier, drink sufficient amount of water at the time of pregnancy for avoiding constipation.
  2. Sleep on your side: This helps in reducing pressure on affected area. Try to lie down on your left side for minimizing pressure on rectal veins.
  3. Walk for sometime: Avoid continuous sitting. Do brisk walk for five minutes in an hour for increasing circulation in that area.

As prevention is always better than cure, knowing what exactly needs to be done for preventing piles, you can avoid all these troubles. Instead of opting for Hemorrhoidectomy (surgery for piles), thrombosed hemorrhoids, bleeding hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and other piles related problems can be cured by simply doing some effective changes in your lifestyle.

Apart from observing lifestyle changes in piles, there are wide array of homeopathy medicines that help you getting long term relief from Piles. Homeopathy treatment removes tendency of constipation and relieves inflammation of veins in rectum thus preventing recurrent bleeding and pain in rectum or anus. The best homeopathy medicine for your condition is your customized homeopathy treatment. And your customized homeopathy treatment is planned by studying your case details that you submit in our Piles Questionnaire.

If you are in search of simple yet effective lifestyle tips for piles, your search ends here!

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