7 Lifestyle Suggestions to Avoid Piles (Hemorrhoids) and Surgery

Lifestyle Suggestions to Avoid Piles (Hemorrhoids) and Surgery

In the condition of hemorrhoids or piles veins present in rectum or anus swell, thus creating painful situation. Major symptom of this disease is bleeding while passing bowel and itching. There are certain lifestyle changes and few home remedies for hemorrhoids which can give substantial relief and can help to avoid piles and piles surgery. 1. […]

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Herpes Simplex: How to increase the chances of cure with homeopathy

Homeopathy has a great potential to cure Herpes Simplex completely and permanently. However Herpes Simplex homeopathy treatment works its best only when it is PERSONALIZED for the infected person. Below is the short explanation what exactly it means. Homeopathy is a therapeutic science which believes in individualization, unlike other therapeutic sciences. No two persons in […]

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2 Things You Can Do To Prevent Chikungunya For Sure

Symptoms of Chikungunya includes debilitating arthralgia (joint pain), swelling of joints, stiffness of joints, myalgia (muscular pain), headache, fatigue (weakness), nausea, vomiting and rash and fever. Acute chikungunya fever typically lasts a few days to a couple of weeks, but in many cases there is joint pain, or arthritis last for weeks or months. The […]

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