Ano-rectal Diseases

Common ano-rectal problems include piles, fissures and fistulae. Symptoms of these diseases include burning, stitching pain during or after defecation, itching at anus, bleeding from rectum, protrusion of some mass etc.

The causes include chronic constipation leading to persistent straining at stool, hard stool, irregular food habits, inadequate intake of fluids, inadequate intake of fibrous food in the diet etc. Piles and fissures are aggravated by constipation as the patient strains hard while passing stools. Since this is painful, it forces the patient to suppress his stools. This further aggravates constipation and subsequently the fissure.

Homeopathic medicines not only treats these diseases but also makes bowels regular. It help relieve constipation which is the root cause of piles and fissure.